Can an aluminum cutting machine cut wood?

  • 12/06/2023

Many people in the mechanical industry and carpentry industry are no strangers to aluminum cutting machines - a powerful assistant in performing a variety of tasks. Their flexibility allows for a variety of operations while still ensuring quality work. Notably, for work on wood, aluminum cutters demonstrate outstanding sophistication and efficiency.

Join MIN in the world of aluminum wood cutting machines, where creativity and technique converge, to discover the special potential they bring!

Aluminum cutting machine when cutting wood is really desirable

Unlike iron cutting machines, aluminum cutting machines attract many users because of their investment cost savings and convenience when other equipment is not available. Using an aluminum cutter to saw wood is as simple as changing the saw blade. Usually, just change the blade from aluminum to wood alloy with the corresponding number of teeth.

The aluminum cutting machine can transform the function of sawing wood with a few simple steps. By changing the saw blade from a 120-tooth blade to a 60-tooth alloy blade, you can effectively take advantage of the machine's versatility. The 60-tooth blade has a larger gap between the teeth, helping to remove door debris effectively and not get stuck in the cutting eyes.

In addition, the aluminum cutting machine excels with its ideal rotation speed, creating beautiful cuts, no burrs, and also allows cutting wood with a greater depth than conventional circular saws. While circular saws can only cut wood up to 8cm thick, aluminum saws can cut wood up to 10cm thick.

Notably, aluminum cutting machines are also popular with the ability to rotate the cutting table flexibly, helping you cut inclined angles on wood easily. In short, aluminum cutting machines can be used to saw wood effectively, bringing the results you expect.

Aluminum cutting machines can cut wood most effectively and should be used

DEWALT DW713 multi-angle saw

The Dewalt DW713 multi-function aluminum cutting machine possesses a powerful motor with a capacity of up to 1,600W, allowing smooth operation at a no-load speed of 5,000 rpm. This provides the ability to cut a variety of materials quickly and professionally.

The body is made from hard plastic, providing good bearing capacity and equipped with double insulation to ensure absolute safety during use. The spring carbon brush system is integrated with automatic shutdown mode, ensuring long life and durability for the saw blade. The long power cord makes it easy to move and does not limit the working range, creating more convenient and flexible conditions for the user.

The Dewalt DW713 cutting machine demonstrates outstanding ability to create accurate and fast cuts on a variety of materials such as wood, iron, plastic... This is a great assistant for both household and domestic work. Professional work at companies.

Stanley STEL721 aluminum cutting machine

Stanley STEL721 multi-function aluminum cutting machine is known as a line of specialized aluminum cutting machines from the famous company Stanley, originating from the US. With powerful capacity, high durability and excellent abrasion resistance, this is an indispensable tool in mechanical and construction-related work.

The machine has a compact and lightweight design, reaching an operating capacity of up to 1,500W, providing not only ease of control and movement, but also optimal working performance. The speed adjustment button helps you flexibly choose according to your needs.

Stanley's cutter handle is designed with anti-slip rubber pads, helping you operate gently and safely without worrying about your hands slipping when sweating or coming into contact with lubricants.

With the above useful information, hopefully you will master how to use your aluminum cutting machine to work on wood effectively. If you need to buy an aluminum cutting machine or need further advice, please contact us immediately to receive the best support!