EMIN is official Distributor of Chauvin Arnoux in Việt Nam

  • 05/13/2024

From September 2017, EMIN proudly became the official distributor of Chauvin Arnoux equipment and services in Vietnam. Chauvin Arnoux was founded in 1893 in France.

About Chauvin Arnoux

In 1893, Raphael CHAUVIN and René ARNOUX founded CHAUVIN ARNOUX in France.

Electricity is an essential form of energy in their daily lives. It must be deployed and distributed while ensuring the safety of users, and controlling consumption needs to be managed in terms of costs and environmental concerns.

Special features of Chauvin Arnoux:

Their research and development teams (2 laboratories in France and 3 others worldwide) create innovative, long-lasting devices that have built a reputation for their brand.

Based in France, CHAUVIN ARNOUX is now present worldwide through branches (USA, Italy, China, UK, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Spain, Lebanon, Switzerland) or, in other countries, through local distributors.

Full control of production lines and quality control stages. Design and manufacturing are fundamental principles of Chauvin Arnoux.

CHAUVIN ARNOUX currently has 3 production facilities in France to manufacture sub-assemblies and products for the CHAUVIN ARNOUX® and METRIX® brands. One plant in the United States and one in China provide local options and supply additional products to meet their requirements. About thirty different trades are involved in launching twenty new products designed by Chauvin Arnoux each year. Tools, sheet metal cutting, machining, coil winding, printed circuit boards, plastic injection, paint/printing pads, assembly, and printing are involved in various aspects of the product life cycle. Nearly 800 employees are recruited in various stages of the production process.

According to the Group's quality policy, CHAUVIN ARNOUX provides customers with products that meet commitments and comply with national and international standards, especially in terms of safety, measurement, and environmental protection. This approach is formalized according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Proud of their two brands, CHAUVIN ARNOUX® and Metrix®, we offer a range of measurement tools used by millions of experts daily worldwide.

- Comprehensive testing: power meters, multimeters, clamp meters...

- Electrical testing and safety: installation testing, insulation testing, leakage current measurement, earth/ground resistance tester, micro-surface inclination meter, rotation tester...

- Network quality: Electrical clamp and harmonics clamp, network analyzer,

- Physical quantities: Standards, thermometers, thermal cameras, sensors, voltmeters, light meters, sound level meters, speedometers,

- Laboratory equipment: Qualistar analyzers, PEL recorders, and Digiflex® sensors, Awarded (Electron d'Or and Electron d'Argent in the Electrical Equipment category).


On September 14, 2017, EMIN was pleased to welcome representatives from Chauvin Arnoux for a visit and exchange on brand development plans and market expansion in Vietnam.

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