International Women Day 8/3 - EMIN GROUP

  • 05/13/2024

March 8 is International Women's Day, one day marking the great contribution of women in life and the development of society. Is an opportunity for us to thank, honor and respect women in all fields and work, and also an opportunity for women to rest and relax.

For Emin Vietnam, March 8 is not simply a holiday, but also an opportunity to express affection and care for the women in the company.

The cultural beauty of Emin is gathered by the values, rules and behaviors shared and performed by all employees in the company. It shows the solidarity and mutual respect of the members.

On March 8, the company organized activities such as giving flowers, gifts, and party organization to honor women in the company. 

 Những bông hồng của EMIN Việt Nam

Meaningful gifts from colleagues