SMARTSENSOR AT380+ infrared heat gun and notes when using

  • 12/06/2023

Súng đo nhiệt hồng ngoại SMARTSENSOR AT380+ and notes when using

The SMARTSENSOR AT380+ infrared heat gun is an advanced device specifically designed to measure the surface temperature of materials. With its outstanding technical characteristics and wide application in many industries, this product has become an important tool in the process of temperature control and monitoring. In the article below, we will learn and analyze this specialized device in more depth!!!

Outstanding technical features

The SMARTSENSOR AT380+ infrared thermometer has an impressive range of technical features, including:

Wide measuring range: From -32 to 380℃ (-26℉ - 716℉), allowing users to measure the temperature of materials at a variety of levels.

Overall distance ratio (D:S): 12:1, providing great flexibility for measuring from long distances while maintaining accuracy.

Accuracy and repeatability: Accuracy of ±2% or ±2℃ and repeatability of ±1% or ±0.1°C ensure fast and accurate measurement results.

Convenient features: Includes data hold function, backlight and Laser pointer, enhancing convenience and flexibility in use.

What should you pay attention to when using the device?

Reasonable environmental conditions: Avoid using in environments with strong sunlight or extreme cold, which may affect measurement accuracy.

Adjust the elasticity coefficient of the measuring surface: Make sure that the elasticity coefficient of the measuring material has been adjusted properly to ensure accurate measurement results.

Periodic inspection and calibration: Equipment should be periodically inspected and calibrated according to the manufacturer's instructions to ensure measurement accuracy.

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Advantages and disadvantages of infrared thermometers


- Measure quickly and accurately

- Do not come into direct contact with the measuring surface

- Suitable for harsh industrial environments

- Easy to use and convenient


- Need to clearly understand material characteristics to have high accuracy

- Not suitable for materials that do not reflect well

- Limited to measuring small objects or small areas

- Criteria for choosing to buy a good infrared thermometer

- Measuring range and distance ratio (D:S): Choose a device with the appropriate measuring range for your specific application and the appropriate distance ratio for the distance to be measured.

- Accuracy and repeatability: Choose equipment with the right accuracy and repeatability for your job requirements.

- Options and features: Choose a device with additional features such as data hold function, backlight, and Laser pointer depending on your specific usage needs.

- Brands and reviews: You should research and choose brands that have been tested and positively evaluated by other users.

The SMARTSENSOR AT380+ infrared heat gun is not only an advanced temperature measurement tool, but also a reliable partner in industrial process control. With its superior technical characteristics and diverse applications, it has affirmed its important position in various industrial fields. If you have any questions, please contact directly via fanpage or website for advice as soon as possible