Uses and how to use shakers in the laboratory

  • 06/14/2024

What is a shaker?

Shakers are equipment used in laboratories, mainly in the fields of chemistry and biology. It is responsible for mixing the solution sample, dissolving and homogenizing the samples together, to ensure the experiment is performed most accurately.

Classification of shakers

Round shaker

In the laboratory, to save testing and experiment costs while still being able to increase the number of samples and the environment being shaken evenly, a circular shaker has been built and put into use. 

This type of shaker is especially suitable for medical diagnostics, microbiology testing, molecular biology and applications in environmental preparation. Circular shakers perform circular motions – the type of motion common in agitators. 

In terms of operating principle, the circular shaker rotates vertically back and forth. The direction of rotation and angle of rotation can be adjusted to limit the types of movements and speeds. Users of circular shakers can also adjust the speed and shaking time as desired thanks to the adjustment buttons. Each machine usually has two control knobs, one to adjust the time and one to adjust the speed. For different types of solutions, users can set different parameters to best suit them.

Horizontal shaker

Besides the circular shaker, the horizontal shaker is also a very popular device in laboratories. Horizontal shakers today have many types, from manual operation to automatic operation, bringing convenience to users. Horizontal shakers have the ability to program a specific time to start shaking and can restart after a power outage. In particular, modern horizontal shakers have an advanced structure and a powerful drive system with microprocessor control that helps the machine run very smoothly. The machine has many types of trays with fixed clips or multi-purpose trays for many different types of accessories, making this machine even more popular and widely used. In addition, the horizontal shaker also has the advantage of a very strong magnetic drive system, long life, and can operate continuously without damage.

Be careful when using the shaker

When using a shaker, users need to note the following points to ensure safety and effectiveness:

Do not place the machine in high temperature or humid places. Make sure the machine is at least 30cm away from the wall and placed on a flat surface. Use the correct voltage and capacity as recorded on the machine, avoid areas prone to fire and explosion. Avoid touching electrical switches, plugs, and wires with wet hands and do not use damaged electrical equipment. 

If you detect a strange smell, smoke or an abnormal increase in machine temperature, immediately disconnect the power source and contact the product supplier. Do not lean on the machine and stand 30cm away when operating. Avoid using the machine to keep toxic or flammable substances warm. To clean the machine, only neutral detergents should be used.

Choosing a shaker requires the following criteria:

Because there are many types of shakers on the market today, choosing the right supplier, model, and brand can be difficult for customers. To choose the right product, you can rely on the following criteria:

Choose a reputable supplier and branded products: Choose products with clear origins, complete quality certificates and labels. Prioritize reputable and well-known distributors in the market.

Based on the machine's functions, choose to suit your needs: The functions recorded on the device must meet your needs. Choose products with specifications that ensure high accuracy, fast and efficient operation.

Choose a distributor with a good warranty: Customers should choose a supplier with a clear warranty and long warranty period. When the product has problems, the distributor will provide technical support and dedicated care.

Shaker brands are trusted by users

Currently, on the market there are many types of shakers from many different brands. However, shakers from SH Scientific and VELP are popular and highly appreciated by users.

Shakers from SH Scientific and VELP stand out for their high durability and stability, ensuring absolute accuracy for scientific experiments. In addition, the shakers from these two brands are relatively cheap compared to similar products from other brands, even though they have the same technical specifications.


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