What are the differences between Calibration and Verification

  • 04/06/2021

What is Calibration?

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Pursuant to the Law on Measurement No. 04/2011/ QH13 dated November 11th, 2011, Calibration refers to a process of determination and establishment of a relation between measured values by measurement standard, measuring instrument and quantity.

Measurement Standard refers to a technical reference for a system of weights and measures against which all other measuring devices are compared.

Why do we need to calibrate the equipment?

CALIBRATION: What Is the Principle of Calibrations

During the working process, equipment/machines will be affected by the environment and the drift in the working process, which over time will result in accuracy reduction. Then, the reliability of the measurement results will be lost, and product quality will also suffer. The deviation cannot be completely eliminated, but it can be controlled through calibration.

Calibration ensures that measurements are accurate and within the required specification of the process equipment.

What is Verification?

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Product Verification is the determination and consideration of the conformity of a measuring device with the legal requirements to meet specific technical specifications or not. The Verification results (pass or fail) will be determined by the state inspection agency.

Why is verification necessary?

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Safety verification is an important task to ensure the safety of both the user and the equipment. Organizations and individuals using equipment, materials and substances with strict requirements on occupational safety and hygiene need to conduct safety verification because:

Each equipment has its own unique safety standard and requirement. Verification of such equipment is to ensure occupational safety, avoiding unfortunate risks, possible damage.

Verification is the only way to prove the equipment meets the technical requirements, meets the requirements of the task.

Through verification, failures and errors of the equipment can be detected. Then timely measures can be taken to prevent the accident from happening.

Conducting equipment safety verification is also in compliance with the provisions of the law.

What is the difference between Calibration and Verification?

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The biggest difference between calibration and instrument testing is legality. Calibration is voluntary, while verification is compulsory for businesses.

Equipment verification is very crucial for businesses because it not only ensures safety but also directly affects their production business. Especially in today's competitive market, one false step leads to another.

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