What is an ORP oxidation reduction machine? In a water purifier, what level of ORP is considered safe?

  • 06/14/2024

The ORP redox meter is a specialized product and widely used around the world, with modern technology to measure the ORP index in water, which is an important parameter to evaluate whether water quality is good or not. bad. ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential (measures the reduction ability of a substance, also known as the oxidation level index), calculated in the unit "mV". 

Water purifiers have long become a familiar device in many households, however, there are still many questions, among them: How to evaluate the quality of the daily water we use? used and is it safe? Besides indicators such as pH and TDS, the ORP oxidation index also plays an important role in evaluating water quality from the purifier. In this article, all your questions will be explained in detail by EMIN.

Concept of ORP Redox Meter

The ORP redox meter applies modern technology to measure the ORP index, which represents the ability to reduce oxidation in water - and at the same time the ability to give away electrons or gain electrons to oxidized substances. ORP measurement is performed by measuring the potential of a redox reaction through an ORP electrode. This electrode measures the voltage across a circuit generated by the half metal cells and the half reference cells.

In an environment with the presence of an oxidizing or reducing agent, electrons continuously move back and forth across the measuring surface, creating a small voltage. ORP measurement is typically performed using the millivolt mode of a pH meter. ORP meters are often designed to be compact and highly portable, helping users easily perform ORP measurements in many locations.

The applications of ORP oxidation meters are wide ranging, from evaluating oxidation processes to measuring reduction potential (ORP) to monitoring chemical reactions and quantifying ionic activity. It is also used to determine the oxidizing or reducing properties of a solution, while also helping to reduce the potential of chemical processes taking place under present conditions.

Instructions for reading indicators in the ORP Redox Meter

A positive ORP index is often associated with acidic water, conversely, a negative ORP often indicates basicity of the water source. Often used to measure ORP in water, this redox meter helps us evaluate the nature and condition of water quality. It is extremely important to implement corrective and treatment measures, ensuring the water meets the required quality for each intended use.

When measuring the ORP of domestic water, especially when the water contains many oxidants, it can lead to an imbalance in the immune system, affecting health and increasing the risk of dangerous diseases. Regularly checking the ORP index in water not only helps control water quality but also protects the health of yourself and your family. 

In the field of aquaculture and hydroponic farming, ORP measurement plays an important role. It helps assess fish and plant habitats accurately and take corrective measures when necessary. The ORP redox meter also measures soil ORP, thereby determining the quality of habitat for plants, which is an effective means of effective agricultural management.

In a home water purifier, what is the good ORP Redox Meter reading?

Currently, in some advanced countries such as Japan, the use of water with a negative ORP index has been applied to support the treatment process at large hospitals. On the contrary, in Vietnam, the ORP index is still not highly appreciated outside of the aquaculture sector, especially when it comes to ORP in water purifiers.

Many people often think that using a water purifier ensures cleanliness and safety. However, to evaluate whether water quality is clean or not, ORP is one of the important indicators. Measuring the ORP index in a water purifier helps determine the nature and condition of the water used. If the ORP is positive, your water is acidic, which can lead to poor health and the risk of many diseases.

The more negative the ORP index in a water purifier, the more beneficial it is for health. A water purifier with a negative ORP index will have high reducing properties, helping to neutralize free radicals in the body and increase oxygen supply, detoxifying effects and increasing resistance to disease.

According to WHO recommendations, the best ORP index in water purifiers is not to exceed -500mV. Measuring ORP directly in water, especially if the water is cloudy, becomes important and cannot be done with the naked eye. This is why using an ORP redox meter is extremely necessary. ORP meters often also integrate PH and temperature measurement functions, helping you accurately assess the quality of the water you use.

If you are interested, you can refer to the EZDO ORP5041 redox meter, a product that not only has an affordable price but also ensures high quality and durability, helping you control the quality of water from the water purifier. effectively.

There are ways for a redox meter to achieve safety indicators

To take advantage of the benefits of a water purifier with a negative ORP index, users should choose a water purifier equipped with an ORP core. The operating principle of the ORP core is based on the use of ceramic materials and exposed mineral rocks to help the water source have a negative ORP value. However, not all water purifier brands or models have an integrated ORP core. Each family has its own unique source of filtered water. Therefore, to ensure health safety, measuring the ORP index in a water purifier directly is the most effective way to have an objective view of the cleanliness of water.

The constant use of acidic foods and drinks poses a risk of harm to the body. One of the simplest ways to improve your health is to use drinking water with a negative ORP index. This helps balance acidity in the body and supports the detoxification process, helping to strengthen the immune system and prevent oxidation.


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