• 03/25/2024

About JingDong, Inc., also known as Jingdong is an e-commerce company founded in 1998 in Beijing, China.


In 2023, JingDong achieved the revenue of 152.8 billion USD, ranked 52nd in the Fortune Global 500, and held the top position in the domestic industry for eight continous years, holding No. 1 position in the Top 500 private enterprises. And be competitor to Alibaba.


More than 560 thousand employees, leading in the personnel scale among private enterprises in 2022.


For now, JingDong have had more than 600 billion users

Serving a total of 8 million businesses. More than 90% of the world's top 500 corporations are in China and more than 70% of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Business Field

Positioned as a technology and services enterprise with supply chain at its core,’s business has expanded across retail, technology, logistics, healthcare, property development, industrial technology, private label, insurance, international business, and more.

JingDong Industrials (JDi) - One of business Field of JingDong

JD Industrials, also known as JINGDONG Industrials, is dedicated to advancing the digital transformation of the industrial supply chain, encompassing all aspects from product selection and procurement to fulfillment and operations. The company aims to assist industrial clients in achieving compliance, ensuring a stable inventory, reducing costs, and improving operational efficiency.

- Providing a shopping platform tailored to customers' unique needs. From the supplier selection process to sourcing methods. JDi empowers its partner businesses to optimize purchasing strategies and save costs

- Leveraging AI technology and data analysis, JDi improves order processing efficiency, minimizes implementation time by automating work processes and deploying intelligent route translation systems, the company ensures orders are processed quickly and without errors.

Development & Strategic Cooperation Conference And Agreement between EMIN Group & JingDong Industrials

20th March 2024, Development & Strategic Cooperation Conference was solemnly held at the 2nd Floor of Pullman Hotel, No. 40 Cat Linh, Dong Da, Hanoi. EMIN Group is honored to participate as one of the top 3 brand suppliers in Vietnam.

Mr Nguyen Thanh Hai- EMIN Group CEO

The content of the Conference was about the strategy and business plan of Jingdong Industrials in Vietnam, and the signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between JDi and representatives of 3 leading brand suppliers including EMIN Group.

Known as one of the Top Measuring Equipment Suppliers in Vietnam, representing more than 600 major manufacturers in the world, EMIN is honored to receive the trust and cooperation proposal from JingDong Industrials. In addition to the ability to supply equipment to small and medium-sized customers and factory customers in Vietnam, through this cooperation, EMIN aims to become a leading supplier of equipment and supplies for Foreign factories who have been, are and will be built and operated in Vietnam.

At the Conference, EMIN and Jingdong Industrials signed a Cooperation Agreement, marking a big step forward for EMIN Group: Officially joining the giant JDi supply chain under

EMIN also expressed its honor and desire to devote its best to providing Jingdong Industrials as well as industrial customers through the e-commerce platform with the best products and services, in the fastest way, at the most reasonable price

Below are some pictures at the Conference: