• 12/06/2023

Last April 7-9, EMIN Vietnam company organized for employees to experience a trip to Da Nang that took place in an exciting and vibrant atmosphere, here, the great family of EMIN from All branches in the country together have memorable moments, creating explosive imprints and full of unforgettable memories.

Various activities

With a plan to diversify entertainment activities and exciting team building activities, the staffs have had unique and interesting experiences, built a cohesive relationship and a spirit of solidarity in the company team.

Strengthen solidarity among colleagues

Besides the fun moments, we also had the opportunity to exchange, chat and strengthen the relationship of colleagues, stick to the team spirit, creating momentum for the sustainable development of Emin Vietnam Company. Future.

Let's look back at our explosive, emotional moments in Danang in 2023 and share these wonderful experiences with each other!

Day 1: Vin Wonder Nam Hoi An:

Day 2: Hoi An Ancient Town:

Ngày 3: Bà Nà Hills


Sincere thanks to the staffs across branches nationwide for spending some time with EMIN VIETNAM to create fun, energetic and memorable moments!
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