• 12/06/2023

Joining the atmosphere of celebrating the new year 2021, closing the old year of 2020 with unprecedented difficulties, accompanied by unexpected successes, a Year End Party was held by EMIN Vietnam Joint Stock Company on 10th January, 2021 at Trong Dong Palace Center in a warm and vibrant atmosphere. The party took place with the attendance of the Board of Directors, all employees of the company in the North, Central and the South, and especially the participation of partners, loyal customers, who have always been in partnership with EMIN during the past year.

The party is the opportunity for all employees of EMIN Vietnam to look back on 2020, also the sincere gratitude from the Board of Directors to all employees for their tiredless contribution toward the development of EMIN Vietnam. “Continue to achieve greater developments in the following years” is the message from General Director, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hai to all employees of the company during his speech at the party.

The Board of Directors of the Company toast to congratulate

The party has officially begun

Tiết mục văn nghệ sôi động bắt đầu buổi tiệc

An indispensable part of the year end party is the award for the excellent individual of the past year. These are the excellent employees with top sales in Hanoi and Branch.

Hanoi Best Seller – Mr. Truong Van An

Branch Best Seller – Mr. Lam Su Bao

The followings are the surprising, meaningful presents prepared by the organizers for all employees - wonderful people who have been side by side with EMIN for the whole time.

The voted awards are:

Mister EMIN - the North region

Mister EMIN - the Central region

Mister EMIN - the South region

Miss EMIN - the North region

Miss EMIN – the Central-South region


The following is the lucky draw, 15 valuable gifts had made their paths to 15 luckiest draws.

Next, the party took place in a warm, joyful atmosphere with the joy of reunion.

Thank you to the Board of Directors of the Company for the party for all employees from three regions. Therefore, we can look back to the past year, and preparing ourselves for an upcoming challenging new year.