Hệ thống xếp hàng tự động AT-QMS

- Function: to load the queue automatically, to avoid jostling and messing, the waiting time will be reduced, making it convenient for the transaction to take place smoothly, quickly and orderly. self-fairness and accuracy. From which comfortability and peace of mind for customers are delivered and demonstrating professional, civilized and responsible service of the department.
- The system includes hardware equipment and software
+ Hardware:
++ Voucher in the form of touch kiosk or push button to pick up the order slip to wait in line for service
+ The order number at the station: the keypad to call the number at the service center and the LED board to display the number of service available at the station.
++ Sound system to play loudspeaker automatically
+ LCD displays the number of trading cards: left in the waiting area for customers to follow up
+ Software queuing to play loudspeaker automatically: the software can be programmed according to customer requirements
++ Hardware and software are built based on actual requirements of each customer.
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