How to order

  • 12/06/2023

 How to order:


Step 1: Search and select products 

The products are classified in the site details for each commodity group. Please click the categories which are interested or use the search sites to find the product you are there.

Step 2: View product information and purchasing decisions

You can surf products and want to see more products, you just click on the name product, image product or the "Details" below. You can select zoom mode to see the product more intuitive. If you choose to purchase the product, you click the Order Button below to put products into your shopping cart.

In some cases, you want to buy "promotion or selling products", you put your mouse on the item (Product Promotion and entries Sellers) as products that stop you Click and placed in the cart, that product will be placed in the cart simultaneously with the main product.

When you selected to buy a product, the right of the screen displays your cart contains the products that you have chosen, along with information on price and total amount payable

If you want to continue to view other products, please click the "Back"


Step 3: Review the cart before the buying decision 

Any time you want to change the cart, you can click on the Products button in the "Shopping Cart" to review the products of your choice and change cart. If you want to delete product from cart, please click the "X" right in the shopping cart, that product will be removed from the cart. 

Step 4: Accept payment 

If you want to continue to view other products, please click on the "Buy directly or Back" to return to the page you just viewed, if not, you click the "Order" below the Shopping Cart to place goods. Then you can review orders, and complete accurate information on location, time of delivery and payment methods ... you can choose for themselves the appropriate delivery time post by clicking the option period. After you click "Send", we will notify the orders have been recorded and you please let me get back to you to confirm the consistency of information about orders . After reaching agreement and certification of finished goods, we will do the procedure to move goods to you. 


To convenient and rapid to you, please call us directly by phone: 

In Ha Noi City:                      (04) 35.381.269 or hot line: 0904.103.179 
In Ho Chi Minh City:                 (08) 38.119.636 or hot line: 0935.131.541 

In Da Nang City:                      (0236) 374 7711 or hotline: 0906.38.68.28


You can send your request to purchase equipment, together your contact information on EMAIL: or  or
Our staff will advise and serve you in the best way.


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