Keysight’s Event Calendar - April 2021

  • 12/06/2023

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Welcome to Keysight’s Event Calendar - April 2021. As the world of technology is evolving, Keysight would like to invite you to join webinars packed with tips and insights that demonstrate the crucial role it plays in the success of your organization. Register yourself to these upcoming webinars now.

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  • 5G Webinars

April 7, 2021: 5G NR Focus in 3GPP Releases 15/16: CA and Low-Power Features

This two-part webinar focuses on 3GPP Releases 15 and 16 as they relate to NR carrier aggregation and NR low-power features.

Part 1 - Carrier Aggregation in Release 15 and 16 Discussion

Part 2 - Introducing 5G NR low-power features in 3GPP Releases 15 and 16

April 8, 2021: Massive MIMO O-RAN Radio Units (O-RU): Design & Conformance Test Challenges

This joint presentation from Keysight and Xilinx provides an overview of the design and conformance test challenges of massive MIMO and beamforming-capable O-RAN Radio Units (O-RUs),based on their collaborative R&D efforts and learnings from the recent O-RAN plugfests. You will learn:

Design considerations for massive MIMO radio units  

3GPP and O-RAN requirements for conformance testing 

Define test methodology and setup for measurement and validation of features (KPIs) 

April 8, 2021: 3GPP gNB Conformance Testing Overview, Challenges, New gNB Test Solutions

This presentation covers some of the new challenges and issues with this testing, along with a number of innovative solutions with a demo to enable the infrastructure network vendors to get their products to market first. 

Overview of the 3GPP NR gNB conformance tests

New S9130A 5G NR Performance Multi-Band Vector Transceiver demonstration.  


  • High Frequency Measurement Webinar

April 7, 2021: Innovating Next in mmWave Communications

Understanding industry and challenges of testing at mmWave frequencies. In each of the following tracks, you will meet our industry and product experts and see application demos first-hand:

•Characterizing 5G transmitters so your device can go the distance

•Designing and testing wideband satellite communications system components

  • Aerospace and Defense Webinar

April 28, 2021: Electronic Warfare Webinar

Find out how create scalable test and validation solutions from the latest generation of commercial components, with guidance on configuration to meet your demanding requirements.

Paper 1:  High-density EW threat simulation from lab to system testing.

Test and Evaluation process

Challenges of simulating Threat environments

New Technology requirements

Paper 2:  Architect a streaming radar recorder with PDW extraction.

RF Recording User cases

Why emitter validation is important

How to solve the problem

Putting it all together