Live Webinar: Speed Up Your Production Test in Industrial 4.0

  • 12/06/2023

Many semiconductor and electronic device tests involve sourcing a voltage and measuring a current as quickly as possible. Overall test time is a function of charge time, measure time, and discharge time, as well as the time to setup and process the test.

When a typical test program executes from a PC controller, it continually communicates back and forth with the test instrumentation. This communication time, whether it is over GPIB, LAN, USB, or some other protocol, is often one of the largest contributors to slower test times. Embedded test scripts minimize this communication time by storing and then executing entire test programs directly from the instrument’s non-volatile memory. All setup, decision-making, and data storage is now done from inside the instrument itself, independent of the PC.

Join us to learn about, what is a SMU and TSP. Experience the speed and power of the Keithley SMU and TSP, helping you in the new world of Industrial 4.0

  • DATE: 2/9/2020, Wed

  • TIME: 2:00 PM (GMT+8)