Monitoring water treatment plant using FTP

To meet the demand for continuous supervision of water treatment plants, EMIN has deployed suitable equipments and software.  

The provided equipments and software allow data from water treatment plants to be sent to Hanoi Department of Natual Resources and Environment through FTP. Those plants are often situated in industrial zones, services outside the zones with discharging scale of over 1000m2 per day.

Requirements for supervision system

Standard requirements according to the circular No. 24/17/TT-BTNMT for transmiting/receiving/management system at the data logger are as follow:

- The data is sent to the Department under the form of *.txt;

- Data storage at least 30 days continuously;

- Data is sent via FTP method to FTP server using the accounts and IP address provided by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment;

- Data sent to the Department must originate from static IP address;

- Standard Modbus RTU RS485, digital, analog devices,…

The Diagram of supervision for water treatment plants

– In this system, the AT-Gateway is equipped with standard Modbus RTU protocol (Master configuration), to connect to standard Modbus RTU devices (Slave configuration).

SMART IO units analyze the Analog signal 4-20mA received from sensors, then those signals are delivered to AT-Gateway.

Digital Output of SMART IO unit can be integrated with end devices in the system.

The AT-Gateway unit will “package” the webserver software, and read-record such signals in the system as: SMART IO, PLC,…; then send the “*.txt” file to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

The AT-Gateway unit is designed with HDMI interface, allowing the VDU to be connected to the system for observation.

– Method of transmission:  Internet/FTP 

Data is sent through LAN network. LAN network is required to stay connected. Internet in the system permits:

- NAT port, forward port;

- Static or dynamic IP address (must use DNS Server – monthly payment is required).

Software enables continuous supervision for water treatment plant

The AT-Gateway is equipped with software enabling supervision, data collection and transmission. Its functions are described as followed:

- Collecting data from sensoring components;

- Displaying measured parameters digitally or via chart;

- Automatic system data storage;

- Establishing reports (*.txt);

- Sending data back to the headquarter via Internet;

Supervision system is an effective tool enabling management on operating the system and standardized water treatment, while supporting legal data transmission standards for the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to control the pollution.

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