N9340B, N9342C, N9343C, N9344C Handheld Spectrum Analyzers (HSAs)

  • 12/06/2023

Wireless communication systems are ubiquitous. From military, law enforcement, or entertainment to medical, industrial, or broadcast industries we rely on these systems to transfer strategic information where it’s needed. Keeping these systems up and running at optimum performance is no easy task - until now.

MIL PRF 28800 Class 2 compliant to work in rugged, outdoor environments

Field testing just got easier

If you are making measurements in the field, the Keysight Technologies, Inc. N934X handheld spectrum analyzer (HSA) family makes your job easier. They’ve got the features you need for operating in tough field environments, and their measurement performance gives you confidence the job’s been done right. The HSAs let you automate routine tasks to save time and ensure consistent results. Field testing just got easier with the Keysight N934X HSAs.

  • Get the features you need in a field-ready instrument

  • Gain confidence in your measurements with benchtop performance in a handheld instrument

  • Optional task planner reduces test setup time by 95%, delivers test automation and consistency, and makes it easy to capture test results, generate reports and share task plans with others

Get the features you need in a field-ready instrument

When you’re in the field, you need equipment that will stand up to the challenges you face. Keysight’s HSAs are durable and go anywhere the job takes you - they provide the features you need to make your job easier once you’re there.

  • Rugged design, without fans or vents, for tough field environments

  • Clear screen viewing - day and night

  • Optional built-in GPS receiver and GPS antenna

  • Optional applications for interference analysis and spectrum monitoring

  • Flexible remote control via USB/ LAN. Send SCPI commands through telnet/socket connection

More reasons to take Keysight HSAs with you to the field:

  • Light-weight: Just 3.6 kg/7.9 lbs with battery

  • Backlit keys: Ideal for dark-location data entry

  • Spaced keypad: Easily operate wearing work gloves

  • Upper and lower limit lines: Quickly determine pass/fail

  • MIL-PRF 28800F Class 2 compliance: Ensures durability and performance

  • Battery features: Up to 4 hours operating life, field-replaceable

  • Security features: Completely overwrites user data with one button press and enables/disables LAN or USB port with a password

Gain confidence in your measurements with benchtop performance in a handheld instrument

Having confidence in your measurements is critical, especially when you work in the field. Now you can take the accuracy and reliability of a benchtop spectrum analyzer with you in an HSA. In addition to field rugged features the N934X HSAs offer some of the industry’s best performance in a handheld spectrum analyzer.

  • Best-in-class RF performance: -164 dBm typical DANL (normalized to 1 Hz), minimum sweep time < 2 ms

  • Autotune

  • Powerful one-button measurements in power suite for measuring channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent channel power ratio, and spectrum emission mask

  • Measure filter, amplifier, cable, and antenna with optional built-in tracking generator and VSWR bridge

  • Coverage test, interference analysis, band clearance, and spectrum monitoring with optional channel scanner and spectrum monitor

  • Optional AM/FM/ASK/FSK modulation analysis, and timegated sweep

  • High-accuracy peak and average power measurements with Keysight USB power sensors

Performance comparison of microwave ESA models to handheld spectrum analyzers

*The weight for the ESA does not include a battery. This unit operates on AC power only.

Increase productivity with the task planner

The N9342C, N9343C, and N9344C feature an optional task planner that reduces test setup time by 95%, delivers test automation and consistency, and makes it easy to capture test results, generate reports, and share task plans with others.

  • Compile multiple measurement set-ups into a single task plan

  • Display customized pre measurement instructions on screen

  • Create task plans from previously saved measurements with free, easy-to-use PC software

  • Copy task plan files to multiple HSAs via a LAN or USB flash drive

  • Initiate test plan measurements sequentially and automatically

Free PC software comes with each N934X HSA

With a user-friendly interface for developing task plans and providing easy-to-use remote control functionality of HSAs, this software also supplies other useful capabilities:

  • Display and control the HSAs simultaneously. Support spectrum scan, power suite, spectrogram, and cable and antenna test

  • Send files to the HSA from a PC or transfer files from the HSA to a PC

  • Create channel standard, amplitude correction, limit, and task plan files

  • Capture the HSA screen when it is connected to a PC

  • Export trace data to a .csv file, or a .kml file, for mapping applications like Google Earth and MapInfo

  • Edit and export antenna table file for field strength measurement

  • Generate measurement reports for printouts

N934xC HSA features
Installation, verification, and maintenance of wireless communication systems

While wireless communication systems may vary in modulation types and frequency bands, these systems share several common elements with respect to their installation, verification, and maintenance.

  • Identifying interference

  • Monitoring remote signals

  • Testing cables and antennas

  • Conducting a site survey

  • Measuring filters and amplifiers

That’s why Keysight’s N934X HSAs are feature-packed, general purpose signal analyzers, versatile enough to help you across the array of functions you perform in the field - before, during, and after the installation of your communication systems.

Ideal for any industry

  • Military

  • Law enforcement

  • Entertainment

  • Medical

  • Industrial

  • Broadcasting

  • Telecommunications

  • Security and monitoring agencies

  • Aerospace

  • Utility smart grid networks

  • Private mobile radio systems

Identifying interference

Whether it’s created by nature or man-made, intentional or inadvertent, signal interference means restoring communication integrity is the top priority. For any type of communication system - voice, video, or data - identifying and analyzing the source of interference is predicated on getting accurate, reliable results. Now you have confidence provided by a benchtop signal analyzer in a form factor that fits in your hand. That assurance helps you quickly eliminate the possibility of system malfunctions, isolate interference timing, repetition, and duration patterns, and characterize the interfering signal so that you can identify and mitigate it. All of this allows you to restore system quality quickly. Keysight’s economically - priced HSA family offers a variety of features that make identifying interference faster, easier, and more reliable: 

  • Two spectrogram markers display frequency, amplitude, and time information.

  • Audio alerts indicate signal strength in a specified frequency range

  • Fast sweep speeds and triggering support location of bursted or intermittent signals

  • Optional spectrogram display, record, and playback features create a powerful analysis tool for understanding spectrum

  • One - button shortcut that adjusts the HSA for best sensitivity

  • An AM/FM tune and listen feature for listening to interfering AM/FM analog signals.

  • Up to four traces can be simultaneously displayed with various detectors, including MAX and MIN hold

  • Optional built-in tracking generator measures two-port transmission of filter and amplifiers to validate your system is working correctly before you begin evaluating sources of interference

Optional spectrogram displays three dimensions of the spectrum: frequency, amplitude and time

Best-in-class DANL allows users to detect even small, noise-like signals

Monitoring signals remotely

When interference is intermittent, the capability to perform remote system monitoring is valuable. Using the N934X spectrum analyzer as a sensor, you have the ability to start and stop data collection at predetermined dates and times. With the ability to monitor spectrum spanning large areas, in inhospitable or remote locations, or collect data for an extended period of time, the Keysight HSAs are ideal for use by government security agencies and military agencies, in addition to private sector installations, such as commercial broadcast. Keysight N934X HSAs offer a variety of features that make remote signal monitoring faster, easier, and more reliable:
  • Control over LAN allows remote control and data transfer.

  • USB port allows for convenient data storage to USB memory sticks or other storage devices.

  • Optional spectrogram records up to 1,500 traces to capture events for later diagnosis

  • Optional channel scanner displays and records channel power for up to 20 different channels

  • Fast sweeps capture bursted or intermittent rogue signals

  • AC and DC power operation enables use in a variety of locations

  • Easy export of data and traces via LAN or USB

Locating sources of unwanted or unexpected signals

Protecting your system spectrum from unwanted or unexpected signals is essential. A multi-function spectrum analyzer is indispensable for expediently pin-pointing an undesired source. The Keysight HSAs have the spectrum analyzer features you need in a convenient, portable package. These capabilities are particularly important to government agencies, the military, and industries needing to quickly identify the source of an RF or microwave signal.

Optional backpack, neck strap, and carrying case provide added convenience in the field

Keysight’s economically - priced HSA family offers a variety of features that makes locating sources of signals faster, easier, and more reliable:

  • Fast sweep speeds and triggering, along with directional antenna, supports location and direction of bursted, intermittent, or continuous signals

  • Narrow RBW and best-in-class dynamic range help find small hidden signals in the presence of large ones

  • Optional internal GPS receiver and antenna provides precise location information and automatically stamps the GPS coordinates on each trace.

  • Optional directional antenna expedites signal location and audio alert indicates signal location.

  • Optional backpack, neck strap, and carrying case enable hands-free operation of the HSA allowing users to hold a directional antenna and communication device when searching for signals.

  • Multiple markers and the marker table simplify simultaneous tracking of multiple signals of interest

Site survey and mapping

Prior to the installation of new cellular or wireless communication networks, radio station towers, WiFi networks, smart grid networks, hospital RF systems, private mobile radio systems, or military communication systems, site surveys are critical. When your job is to develop a spectral baseline for the area, an HSA in the palm of your hand makes it easier for you to identify multipath effects, noise floor level, line-of-sight opportunities, or the need for spectrum clearing. Keysight’s HSAs automatically record GPS coordinates, make field strength measurements in dBµV/meter, record the results, and have the ability to identically perform these functions for every sector. The capability to quickly download measured data to generate a field strength map report that documents the spectral characteristics of the area is an added bonus.

HSA Channel scanner option allows the user to easily measure channel power of multiple channels and export data for mapping applications like Google Earth and MapInfo

Measurement capabilities