PEL Android application NEW VERSION V 1.8.25

  • 12/06/2023

CHAUVIN ARNOUX PEL Android application / NEW VERSION V 1.8.25 now including MOTOR measurement applications

Dear Partners

PEL Chauvin Arnoux  app enables you to work with  our Power & Energy Logger PEL from an Android device.

The application is free.

This version of the application is compatible with the PEL102, PEL103, PEL104, PEL105 and PEL106, now including motor measurement applications.

It is compatible with Android >= V6.0

With this app, you can:

  •  connect your Android device to a PEL instrument, using either the Bluetooth or WiFi communication protocol;

  • modify the setup instrument

  • get some real time measurements.

The Power & Energy Logger app provides a quick, convenient, and mobile option for working with a PEL instrument.

it allows you to easily connect to PEL instruments that may be placed in hard-to-access locations.

Developments in this new version V 1.8.25:

  • Compatibility with Android 12

  • Real time measurements of engine parameters.

This last point is based on a physical and statistical model, Chauvin-Arnoux has developed a software sensors capable of providing the motor’s electrical parameters.

You can obtain comprehensive real time measurements such as the motor’s rotation speed, efficiency and torque.

An application note “Motor Data” on this new feature exists and is available on our website.:

PEL apps is available on Googleplay (You can download this application on GooglePlay. Make a search on “PEL100”)

You can also download the application on our website, in support\Android.