Policy with producer

  • 12/06/2023

 Forms of cooperation with our

We will become the agent through the sales online channel for us and we are fully active trading, sales promotion. Providers must commit to ensuring the right type of goods, quality and technical standards of the company / manufacturer as information provided to us.

Suppliers often provide periodly information on such products as: List and Catalogue existing products, prices, pricing policies for retail, wholesale, promotional programs, gift , discount the website, information about inventory and status of goods in areas across the country, mode of delivery and payment ...

Providers coordinate with our  to train, introduction of new products for business staff, technicians and collaborators sales. We ensure consultants  need customer , help customers select the suitable products. The two parties are together to promote and coordinate, and sell products  such as posting new products, product promotion, product highlights, registered trademark logo of products, manufacturers, providers.

Supplier will provide full information and  comply with the warranty, trying, replacing, returning the goods (if any).