Power Analysis Solution

Introducing the Klea 320P power analyzer

The KLEA 320P is a highly accurate multifunctional measuring instrument, suitable for measurement, storage and monitoring applications of all electrical parameter.


- LCD display, language support English / Turkey / Russian;

- Password protection is enabled;

- Up to 1 MB of internal memory;

- Display phase diagram;

- Waveform signal;

- Communication Modbus RTU with RS485 communication port.

Specifications of Klea 320P Multifunction Power Analyzer

Multifunctional measuring equipment power supply: 

- Voltage: 85-300V AC / DC; 

- Frequency: 45-65 Hz. 

Measurement input: 

- Voltage: 1-300V RMS (L-N); 

- Current: 0.01-6A RMS; 

- Frequency: 45-65 Hz. 

Klea 320P digital input / output: 

- 2 terminals: 5-30V DC, 50mA; 

Protection: 3750VRMS, insulated. 

Analog output: 

- 2 or 4 optional inputs; 

- 0 - 5V, 0 - 10V, -5 - 5V, -10 - 10V, 0 - 20mA, 4 - 20mA. Power consumption <3VA.

Network model of Klea 320P power analyzers

The power monitoring meters can be assembled into a rs485 modbus rtu network to transmit measurement parameters to an industrial computer running SCADA software. Here, implementing centralized monitoring, analyzing data to make warnings, graphically graphing parameters such as voltage, current, power consumption, ... for all quality monitoring equipment. electricity in the network. By default, the iPC computer does not support rs485 interface port. Therefore, an AT-S2E converter should be used to convert rs485 modbus rtu to modbus tcp / ip to SCADA software via ethernet port.

SCADA software for power monitoring

SCADA software for power monitoring is a software researched and developed by EMIN with full functions of operating and managing energy systems for factories, buildings, production sites, ... 

SCADA software is responsible for collecting and displaying real data, which are parameters from measuring equipment such as power monitoring devices. 

Data obtained from the system will be displayed under a variety of forms such as numbers, graphs, visual drawings, ... to facilitate monitoring of real parameters and historical values.


In addition, the power monitoring software also has the function of remote warning, alarming via SMS, email or warning on the spot by the form of alarm when the values exceed the threshold limit or whatever problems are preinstalled in monitoring software.

Power monitoring software function

In summary, the ATSCADA software for power management has the following functions: 

- Collect and display parameters from power analyzers; 

- Storing parameters for reporting and reviewing when needed; 

- Statistics of energy consumed by time, by selected objects; 

- Warning when errors occur in the system (install before problems) at that location or remotely via SMS, email (Internet is required); 

- Remote access via mobile devices is allowed; 

- Export report according to pre-set form.

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