Remote management of swift’s ness solution


Allowed environment temperature for swifts to reside ranges from 27 – 29 deg C. If the temperature drops below 14 deg C, lives of the swifts will be ceased.

Therefore, once the temperature is seen to drop suddenly or increase instantaneously over the allowed limit, comprehensive solutions are required to ensure optimum environment regardless of the supervisors.

Constructing a complete system responsible for monitoring the swift’s ness enables remote supervision of such parameters as: temperature, humidity,… While controlling the end devices to guarantee optimum environment for swifts to reside.

Benefits of remote management of swift’s ness application

- Meet the user’s demand for remote supervision and control

- Easy-to-use supervision software: winform, webform;

- System works 24/24 ;

- Real-time updates about temperature, humidity,…;

- Warning once the actual value exceeds the allowed limits for in-time solutions;

- Save in-site supervision cost.

Remote monitoring of swift’s ness solution

Thanks to the advancements in IoT technology, EMIN offers remote monitoring solutions. These systems have proven their effectiveness in application. With such systems, users can monitor the actual status of the ness at any time, and anywhere.

The hardwares that make the solution

The components in the system:

- The processor - ATBOX-U with included monitoring software;

The ATBOX-U, accompanied by software, allows 24h working with aluminum housing no fan heat dissipation system.

The mainboard with built-in SIM card tray enables 3G/4G data transmission.

The processor designed with HDMI, Audio interface allows the information to be displayed directly on screen and the sound to be played through speakers.


SMART IO AT-DIO8 connects to and receives data from end devices such as sensors and wifi modem in the system.

- The AT-S2E converter;

- Wifi modem;

- HMI display unit (optional, the unit is installed on the housing of the monitoring box):

- Other devices in the system:

+ Temperature-humidity sensor;

+ Motion sensor;

+ Magnetic sensor;

+ Ventilators, heaters, humidifying fan;

+ Speakers - amply,…

Method of transmission: LAN/Wifi/3G/4G/ADSL

Remote monitoring software

The remote monitoring software is a SCADA-based software which is included in the industrial computer ATBOX-U.

The SCADA software is copyright with full features:

- Collecting real-time data: temperature, humidity;

- Displaying data in digital and chart;

- Enabling data storage;

- Sending system’s warning via email, SMS;

- Establishing reports.

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