SCADA system application in monitoring wastewater treatment


Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) is a process aimed at removing - decomposing pollutants from wastewater, converting it into a water source that can be returned to the cycle of use in the environment (recycling). or may be disposed of for any other use.

Normally, wastewater treatment plants are large, divided into many areas. Therefore, the application of SCADA system is very important for the purpose of remote system monitoring - saving costs - optimizing human resources. 

Purpose of application of SCADA system to monitor wastewater treatment

- Monitor visually real-time data via HMI screen, LCD screen,…;

- Analyzing and processing data exchanged in the system;

- Warning when the system has a problem;

- Flexible remote system management expansion;

- Data storage - complete system reporting;

- Spectacular, fully functional SCADA system interface, tool optimization;

- Simplify distributed location management. 

Wastewater treatment system model - EMIN

Wastewater treatment system products are usually semi-solid or sludge waste; however, further treatment is needed before they are discharged or used for cultivation, irrigation, etc.

Therefore, in the wastewater treatment process, the above parameters must be closely monitored, statistically and specifically reported.

SCADA system structure

* Central control monitoring

Computer systems in the factory access to SCADA system for wastewater treatment, view real-time data - actual operating status of the equipment.

For example: one machine specializes in monitoring input parameters, one machine for outputting system reports, one machine for system alarm, ...

The system operator can get an overview of the scattered locations in the factory, placing each computer on a different task for the system.

At the control and surveillance center, ATBOX-P industrial computer packed with ATSCADA software license operates 24/7.

ATSCADA software functions: monitoring - control - data collection of wastewater treatment systems.

mang máy tính giám sát xử lý nước

* Real-time data collection area

Including equipment serving the collection and transmission of data about the monitoring center's SCADA system:

- Equipment RTU (Remote Terminal Units);

- PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers);


- AT-S2E converter.

PLCs and SMART DI / DO have the function of communicating with the actuators during water treatment monitoring such as:

- Sensors: pH, pressure, level meter, sludge meter, ...;

- Control switches;

- The motors in the system, ...

* Human - Machine Interface (HMI)

HMI interface with Ethernet connection to access SCADA system for water treatment, mounted in monitoring cabinets.

Allows monitoring - direct control on the screen.

HMI giám sát xử lý nước thải

 SCADA software monitors water treatment control

Control monitoring solution system using ATSCADA software with full functions:

- Monitor and collect real-time data on multimedia;

- Store data for the entire system;

- Realistic graphs - historical graphs;

- Make system alerts;

- Export system report;

- Remote monitoring access with Winform, Webform interface.

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