Solar power monitoring system

FUNCTION: control - monitor the solar panel system through the control software communicating with the internet. From which, evaluation and control of the system's process in real-time are permitted anywhere as long as the internet connection is available.

- Today with the strong development of the digital era finds application in the renewable energy industry. At the moment, engineers and workers operating solar systems no longer have to use manual methods using system diagnostics and maintenance.

- Instead, it is the replacement of the solar control - monitoring system, enabling us to analyze and evaluate as well as giving warning about system status.

- System includes hardware equipment and software

+ Hardware:

++ Solar inverter with standard Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP / IP interface connected to the system is included.

- Switches, power quality meters, transformers, PV Compiner, .. that monitor  environmental factors such as solar radiation, ambient temperature, panel temperature, wind speed.

++ Gateway (datalogger): Collect data from meters and send to the storage server.


- Collect and monitor indicators from distributed instruments in the system;

- Analyzing and processing data.

- Storing data for checking, checking, and exporting system reports.

- Generate reports on demand or periodically.

Remote diagnostics, troubleshooting and management.

The reports are synthesized for data processing analysis of solar cell arrays. From which, a series of low-efficient solar cells are detected for the proper maintenance to be carried out.

++ Hardware and software are built based on actual requirements of each customer.

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