Test Script Applications -Solving Complex Test Patterns

  • 12/06/2023

The uniqueness of GW Instek Test Script function is to streamline test operator’s complex measurement work by directly planning a set of changing voltage and current parameters via Microsoft Excel and uploading the edited Excel file to GW Instek power supplies so as to execute sequential power outputs. The following five test applications with different test patterns were easily executed by GW Instek Test Script function without software programming.       
Test Script allows users to run repetitive cycle tests by setting parameters including output voltage, current, time, cycle, OVP, OCP, Bleeder, etc. Four GW Instek power supplies support Test Script, including PFR, PSU, PSW, and PSB.     

Settings: Set and execute a pattern that switches 12V/1sec to 5V/1sec for 6 times with the current setting of 3A.

The output voltage rises from 0V to 5V in 50 seconds at the current setting of 10A and maintains the settings for 30 minutes and then the output is turned off automatically

* The above waveform is an ideal waveform. The actual waveform is limited by the voltage setting and bandwidth of the power supply models.

Burst signals are applied in the middle of the constant voltage output. For example, a continuous voltage output generates a burst noise that fluctuates between 12V and 8V. Each burst signal is 100ms and the burst signals last 1.5s that appears after every 10 minutes (600 s) of constant 12V output.

For durability tests such as lights, heaters, etc., the pattern that repeats for 18-hour output on and 6-hour output off for 100 days is as follows.

A test example of self-resetting PTC verifies its open circuit characteristic by increasing current from 0 to 3A with 16-step resolutions. 
Test Script can easily execute a series of different currents under a constant voltage setting to test the blown and reset characteristic of a self-resetting PTC.

To download Test Script and its setting procedures please go to http://www.gwinstek.com/en-global/Page/The_setting_of_Test_Script
Four GW Instek Power supplies support Test Script, including PFR, PSU, PSW, and PSB.