The application of SCADA in Electric Monitoring System (EMS)


An Energy Monitoring System (or EMS) includes: Planning, Monitoring the system, and reporting actual situation of power consumption in buildings, manufacturing facilities,… 

To effectively complete this task, It’s ideal to implement SCADA into the system for effective monitoring solution of instruments which are in charge of monitoring operation parameters of the power source.

Appropriate statistics and supervision will result in reduction of operating cost, and improved efficiency of machines and instruments deployment.

Why the implementation of SCADA into Energy Monitoring System EMS is essential?!

SCADA is a system controlling data collection and supervision. It assists users in remote monitor and control, allowing central management over the entire system 24/24.

Additionally, the system also features:

- Easy-to-track and accurate monitoring of such parameter as: frequency, voltage, current, reactive power 

- System alerts enable quick adoption and troubleshooting;

- Create reports following specific form;

- Saving in-site monitoring cost;

- Schedule the maintenance to avoid machine downtime, Lean optimization;

- The SCADA stringently adheres to manufacturing process, and system operation.

The diagram of SCADA in Energy Monitoring System

The EMS employs Modbus RTU - Modbus TCP/IP converter that features:

- The converter uses the LAN network that offers highspeed Internet connection available in the building, manufacturing plants;

- Saving the wiring cost from the control center to specific sites.

Information from sensoring instruments at particular sites will be collected by Energy Monitoring System, then it will be further sent to control center.

Application of SCADA in monitoring the energy consumption

The software deployed in the system is a Vietnamese SCADA software researched and developed by EMIN with full functioning features and comprehensive management.


The software is responsible for gathering and displaying real-time data including parameters that are respective to below sensoring instruments. The resulted data will be displayed in such way users find it convenient for real-time supervision.

In short, the ATSCADA software features:

- Gathering and displaying parameters such as: voltage, current, power factor cosφ, reactive power,…;

- Data storage for creating reports when needed;

- Listing out power consumption according to timeline and selected subjects;

- Warning when an error suddenly occurs in the system (pre-setup is required) in particular site or remotely via means of SMS, email (Internet is required);

- Allow remote access via mobile devices;

- Create reports following specific form.

Why Energy Monitoring System of EMIN is an ideal option?

We’re the experienced providers in the field of SCADA – EMS. EMIN is trusted and chosen by our clients for the following factors:

- Supplier of ATSCADA software and monitoring devices that provide 24/24 updates;

- Deploying SCADA Cloud system enabling real-time central supervision over all decentralized site;

- Monitoring power consumption from general to details;

- Errors reduction thanks to clear identification of causes and quick troubleshooting;

- The system is automated which saves time, errors and labor cost;

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