Warranty Policy

  • 12/06/2023

Warranty policy of EMIN

During you use if you have any problems or user error, you can contact directly with the service center of the manufacturer or the customer service department of our company to get help.

I. Warranty
Product Warranty : fix the technical problems caused by the manufacturer.

II. Warranty policy
- Products are guaranteed with free charge if the product is in warranty period from the date of delivery.
- The warranty period is listed on the warranty card and in accordance with each manufacturer for all technical problems.
- With warranty card and warranty stamp on the  products of company.

III. These cases are not warraty:
- Product warranty has expired or lost votes recorded on the warranty card.
- Warranty stamp seals broke, broken, crushed or be affixed and be modified.
- Warranty card is not specify the serial number and date of purchase.
- Number on the product can not be identified or wrong than the number is recorded on the warranty card.
- Product is damaged by mechanical action like dropping, broking, beating, scratching, denting distortion, moisture, rust, running water or fire, disaster.
- Products with signs of damage by rodents or insects to penetrate.
- Using the manual is incorrect, use the wrong voltage regulation.
- Unauthorized dismantling, repair by individuals or technicians are not authorized by Emin.

IV. Location warranty:
All products are guaranteed at the center of the company. Company staff can guide customers to the company or on behalf of customers to contact the ServiceCenter of the Company to product warranties for customers.