Warranty policy

  • 12/06/2023

EMIN Viet Nam Joint Stock Company

Warranty Policy

During using if there is any problems or errors that users can contact directly with Company Service Center or Customer Care Unit of the company for assistance.

I- Warranty

*Warranty Period: This is the time that EMIN is responsible for receiving and solving the warranty for the products provided by EMIN, which was on the warranty card and stamp.

* Valid warranty card: Is the warranty card issued by EMIN and provided with the product that was stamped by EMIN.

The warranty card is issued by EMIN and attached with the product stamped by EMIN, the warranty form must be in specified form, not separated – not pieced, production code on the warranty card must be the same as the code of product that need warranty (no signs of being erased or repaired)

* Valid warranty stamp: This is a sticker that EMIN paste on each product, no patchwork or no repairing, peeling, re-pasting.

II-General policy

EMIN applies the warranty policy nationally incuding customers who purchase EMIN products at any EMIN branch/office.

Product warranty : Overcoming defects, technical breakdown which occurs due to manufacturer's fault.

III. What is covered?

- Products are guaranteed with free charge in warranty period from the date of delivery (The warranty period is shown on the warranty card and according to the manufacturer's regulations for all technical incidents).

- With EMIN warranty card and and stamp on the product.

- Products are renewed: Products must meet the above warranty conditions and defects caused by manufacturer production that EMIN cannot repair will be changed by a new one.

IV- What is not covered?

- The product has expired on the warranty card or the warranty card lost.

- Warranty seals are torn, broken, overpasted or information modified.

- Warranty card does not specify the serial number and date of purchase.

- The number on the machine can not be identified or wrong than the number is recorded on the warranty card.

- The product is damaged due to mechanical deformation, damage due to human causes such as dropping, broking, impacting, scratching, distortion, moisture, leaking, flowing or fire, natural disaster, electric shock, and explosion.

- The product with signs of damage caused by rodents or insects.

- The product is used improperly, using wrong voltage regulation.

- Unauthorized dismantling, repairing  by individuals or technicians who are not authorized before warranty claiming.

V-Service after warranty

Devices and products purchased from has expired or under non-guaranteed conditions will be repaired by EMIN Service Center at preferential prices or supported for repairing at EMIN.

VI- Location of warranty


Phone: (024) 353.812 .69 - Fax: (024) 351.90 3.60 - Email: hn@emin.vn

Website: http://www.emin.vn

Support time: 8h00 - 17h30 except Saturday, Sunday, holidays.


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