Webinar: eMMC & SD3.0/UHS-II: Electrical & Protocol Overview with Test Solutions

  • 03/05/2024

eMMC & SD3.0/UHS-II: Electrical & Protocol Overview with Test Solutions Overview

eMMC and SD3.0/UHS-II storage devices find extensive use across various applications beyond mobile phones. Their adoption is on the rise in industrial, automotive, communication, and mobile sectors. To ensure dependable operation and meet the demands of time-to-market, design and validation engineers require tools that enable efficient testing and debugging of design and validation issues.

In this webinar, Prodigy Technovations, a leading provider of electrical and protocol layer solutions for eMMC and SD3.0(UHS-I)/UHS II, will present an overview of the technology. The session will cover challenges in testing and debugging these designs and highlight tools addressing electrical and protocol layer issues. We will showcase solutions for probing eMMC and SD interfaces with protocol analysis capabilities, along with demonstrations of eMMC and SD Protocol exercisers generating diverse traffic for eMMC test cases.



  • Significance of eMMC and SD3.0/UHS-II in Diverse Applications

  • Expanding Adoption in Industrial, Automotive, Communication, and Mobile Sectors

Understanding the Landscape

  • Overview of eMMC and SD Card Technologies

  • Key Features and Specifications

  • Evolution and Advancements in eMMC and SD3.0/UHS-II

Challenges in Testing and Debugging

  • Real-world Challenges Faced by Design and Validation Engineers

  • Importance of Efficient Testing and Debugging for Reliable Operation

  • Addressing Time-to-Market Needs

Tools for Design and Validation Engineers

  • Introduction to Prodigy Technovations

  • Overview of Electrical and Protocol Layer Solutions

  • How Tools Can Enhance Testing and Debugging Efficiency

Protocol Analysis and Exercisers in Action

  • Live Demonstration of eMMC and SD Protocol Exerciser

  • Solutions for Probing Electrical and Protocol Layer Issues

  • Real-world Examples of Design and Validation Issue Resolutions

  • Generating Different Traffic for eMMC Test Cases

  • Practical Insights into Testing and Debugging Scenarios

Q&A Session


Godfree Coelho


Mr. Godfree Coelho, Founder & CEO

Godfree Coelho has a total experience of 25+ years in the test and measurement Industry. He worked for Tektronix/HP/Agilent Technologies in his initial 15 years of career. Godfree worked as a product manager and sales of test and measurement equipment. He has successfully defined a product roadmap for power measurement solutions in Tektronix, launched initial power measurement software, and successfully planned and executed a go-to-market strategy.