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 Besides the presence of devices, additional features such as holes, boreholes or cutouts must be detected for type testing. The InspectorP65x 2D vision sensor detects several devices simultaneously. Several features can be taught in and a variety of testing tasks defined. W12 small photoelectric sensors with PinPoint technology use a small light spot to detect even the smallest gaps without the limiting laser class. When all parts are inserted correctly and completely, the rotating table is enabled for further processing.

The InspectorP65x is an industrial programmable and configurable 2D vision camera for long-range and high-resolution vision tasks. Boasting image resolutions of 2-4 megapixels, an IP 65 housing, and a flexible high-end optical design, it is perfectly equipped to meet demanding automation environments. The application software is fully flexible thanks to the SICK AppSpace development environment, with image processing powered by HALCON and SICK Algorithm Library.

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