Advanced Radar Analysis Application Note

  • 12/06/2023

With today's rapid advances in radar technology, developing and manufacturing highly specialized and innovative electronic products to detect radar signals takes leading-edge technology, tools and know-how.  

In this Advanced Radar Analysis application note, you will learn how to reduce uncertainty while testing increasingly complex designs using Tektronix Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Real-time Spectrum Analyzers, and High-Bandwidth Oscilloscopes.

Tools for Measuring Modern Radar

In designing modern electronic warfare and radar systems, you will face significant challenges. You must develop solutions with the flexibility and adaptability required for next-generation threat detection and avoidance. 


To succeed, you need capable tools for the generation and analysis of extremely complex pulse patterns and you need to validate designs with advanced scanning methodologies – tools that can handle complex radar baseband, IF and RF signals as well as identify multi-system interference. 

This application note shows: 

- Real examples of how to acquire and examine radar pulses, as well as unintended spurious and transient signals

- A look at how DPX can help you spot external threats like interference, jamming, and spoofing

- How the parameters of your desired pulse influence your simulation and test equipment selection

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