Announcement of HOLIDAY ANNOUNCEMENT for Hung Kings Ancestor's death anniversary and April 30 - May 1, 2023

  • 12/06/2023

Lịch nghỉ lễ Giỗ Tổ và 30/4 - 01/05

Dear: Customers / Partners, EMIN Vietnam would like to inform our valued customers and partners the holiday schedule of Hung Kings Commemoration, Southern Liberation Day and International Labor Day 30/4 - 1/5, to facilitate travel and transactions, As follows: 👉Close time: From Saturday, April 29, 2003 to the end of Wednesday, May 3, 2023 (5 days) 👉Time to return to work: Thursday 04/05/2023 EMIN Vietnam wishes our customers, partners and all staff a happy and warm holiday with family and loved ones! During the holiday period, our parts will not work. If customers, partners have a job that needs urgent support, please contact directly in charge of orders or in charge of the relevant department. Or leave an email in the mailbox: ☎️ Hanoi: ☎️Bac Ninh: ☎️ Da Nang: ☎️Ho Chi Minh: We will contact you as soon as we return to work. EMIN Vietnam would like to wish our customers and partners a very happy, healthy and meaningful holiday! Best regards !