Application of Andon system in supervision of wireless manufacturing system


Andon system is deployed as an easy-to-track assisting solution enabling effortlessly supervision and highlighting the sites where actions are needed. The system aims to provide managers, employees, and related departments with arisen problems during manufacturing.

Additionally, operators are also warned about incidents which occur during manufacturing by means of alerting lights, the status reports displayed on the VDU and alerting messages played via amply/speakers system to have in-time solution.

Why the application of Andon system in manufacturing supervision is essential?

The ultimate purpose of Andon system is to provide users with actual operating states of mechanical instruments such as: deploying units, units need re-fuelling, units require servicing,… during manufacturing for immediate means of action to be taken to minimize mass errors.

The wireless Andon system is often deployed in manufacturing plants, facilities where decentralized or difficult-in-wiring spots require supervision.   

The main upsides of wireless Andon supervising system

- Optimise the costs required for creating the system;

- Allowed wireless signal transmission of upto 4000m;

- Incidents are reported immediately; errors are accurately located and displayed on the VDU. Actions are taken shortly;

- Minimise machine downtime to improve the efficiency of manufacturing chain;

- Schedule maintenance plans;

- Smooth the production;

- List the events in the system according respectively to subjects and timeline;

- Alerts are informed via diverse media;

- Optimise managing-operating resources;

- Professionalism is enhanced, improved OEE, and business activities are optimized.

The application of wireless Andon system in manufacturing plant supervision

In a typical Andon system, all alerts are reported through means of signal tower in specific spots. And push buttons are connected to special devices which later transmit signal – LORA – to the CPU located in the control chamber.

Remote supervision which allows fast and effective troubleshooting, will be deployed through software, or pre-set SMS/email.

Required instruments and software in the system

Hardware in manufacturing supervision

- SMART IO devices allow signal tower and push buttons to be connected;

- Push buttons;

- Signal tower;

- AT-RS485/LORA converter;

- LCD, HMI for status supervision;

- Audio system: amply, speaker;

- Productivity tables with built-in Andon warning features at each chain;

- ATBOX-U industrial computers operate 24/24 with included ATSCADA software.

SMART IO devices allow signal tower to be connected to the output, and push buttons to the input.

When the technicians press the button, the signal tower will be triggered with respective color.

Supervising software in Andon system

The SCADA software used in wireless system features:

- Real-time supervision, collection, analysis, and data processing;

- System data storage;

- Create actual chart – history of operation chart;

- Warnings are provided via signal towers or remote SMS/email;

- Create system reports according to subjects and time;

-  Remote access to the system via Winform, Webform interface.

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