Barcode reading system Twinhead CLV69x

Twinhead CLV69x



 In logistics, the classification of products based on product code reading is very important. With products constantly changing size, the code is pasted in different locations, the read barcodes quickly and accurately is difficult. Therefore, we have design barcode reading system in accordance with the above requirements.

Product information is printed on products as 1D bard code. We are used Laser Oscillating mirror technology has successfully met the 1D barcode reading for dimensional and dimensional products.

The system can interface via RS232, USB and Ethernet to help synchronize data quickly and accurately. Therefore, connecting to the control system of the factory is very simple and flexible

Diagram connection in the system

  • Detailed technical data

  • Ø     Features

Covered conveyor width

800 mm


Auto focus


100,000 h


5 min




Simple OMNI applications

Sorting processes

Revenue recovery

Goods receipt

Scanner design

Line scanner with oscillating mirror



Conveyor type

Belt strap

Tray sorter

Roller conveyor



Number of main components

Laser scanner: 2


  • Ø  Mechanics/electronics

Dimensions, system (L x W x H)

1,100 mm x 1,280 mm x 1,745 mm

Connection modules



  • Ø  Performance

Transport speed

0.1 m/s ... 2.5 m/s, Depending on code height

Minimum object distance

50 mm

Number of codes per reading interval

1 ... 50


Number of codes per scan

1 ... 20, Standard decoder

1 ... 6, SMART decoder


  • Ø  Interfaces

Serial (RS-232, RS-422/-485)

Host: 300 baud ... 500 kBaud, AUX: 57.6 kBaud fixed


Host AUX, 10/100 MBit/s, TCP/IP

CAN bus

SICK CAN sensor network (master/slave)


Optional over external fieldbus module (CDF)

Optical indicators

6, LEDs, Ready, Result, laser, Data, CAN, LNK TX, bar graph display of percentage read rates (10 LEDs)


 Technical data


Mechanical drawing


-          Resolution code

-          CLV690: 0,35mm

-          CLV691: 0,5mm

-          Height code ≥ 12mm

-          Type code: Code 1D

Reading field

-          Maximum reading field width: 800mm

-          Maximum reading field height: 800mm

-          Reading distance: 950mm (1750mm- 800mm)

-          Reading field length (L1 to L2): 1200mm

Conveyor speed

Resolution code: 0.35mm

-          1,0 m/s if code hight > 13mm

-          1,5m/s if code hight > 15mm

-          2,0m/s if code hight > 18mm

-          2,5m/s if code hight  > 20mm

Resolution code: 0.5mm

-          1,0m/s if code hight > 16mm

-          1,5m/s if code hight > 18mm

-          2,0m/s if code hight > 21mm

       -        2,5m/s if code hight > 23mm




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