EMIN participated in Techmart Hanoi 2013

  • 12/06/2023

EMIN participated in Techmart Hanoi 2013 Exhibition 

Techmart Hanoi 2013 exhibition, which was held from Sep 26, 2103 to Sep29, 2013 at Ha Noi Running Stage with 250 members and more than 300 booths, focused on these fields: Automation, testing and measuring, information technology, electric, telecommunication, education, banking, software manufacture, medicine, new technology… 


Techmart Ha Noi 2013 has target to connect science examine, technology development with manufacture, business; support to change technology; promote competitive capacity; advance labour productivity and products quality with low cost; highten science-technology place of birth; growth change technology, activate connect to business international affiliation and resistant development. 

EMIN Viet Nam participated in Techmart Ha Noi 2013 at booths 172, 173 with carefully preparation, investment at design and displaying, which has truly attention of visitor. 

Following some images of EMIN booths at Techmart Ha Noi 2013 Exhibition. 

Lễ khai mạc Techmart hanoi 2013